finshed tweed cab

What do you mean by Lacquered Tweed?

The tweed material that covers tweed amps is a thick tough cotton material. The outside is has light coating but for all practical purposes the amp is being covered in thick cloth. Right from the get go Tweed is more durable that tolex but the uncoated tweed makes the amp get dirty easily and is hard to clean.  Lacquered tweed is more more tear resistant.  In the old days Fender would spray lacquer (the same finish that went on the guitars) to fill the fibers and make it more durable. When tolex came along it was cheaper to manufacture amps with it so Fender abandoned using tweed.

 I do not use lacquer because you need a spray booth lots of equipment to do it properly and safely. Many modern finishes are even tougher than lacquers so it makes sense to use them. They are also much much safer to use.   I darken the finish a bit so the amp looks like an original that has aged gracefully.  They are few different methods people use but mine is pretty simple. I apply four coats of Minwax Poly Shades gently sanding between each coat. .  It takes about but the result is worth it!!  In mine humble opinion Tweed is the best material to cover an amp it. Great looking and tough.

NOTE:  All the new Fender Amps that claim to be lacquered are not. Some like the NOS Blue Junior stain the tweed but is essentially raw. I recommend lacquering these amps.


Unfinished Tweed

Unfinished Tweed