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Located in Las Cruces, NM USA


My goal to produce great amps. For me building amp is not just about making money--it's my art. I put many hours into each amp and each amp receives my full attention.  I only build amps I would be proud to play gigs or record with.  I build amps that play like extensions of the instrument...that give the play great touch sensitivity and stellar tone.


My policy is to deal with my customers honestly and fairly.  I strive to work with players to make sure they get the right amp for their playing style and try be as informative as possible . 



Currently I accept Paypal as my preferred form of payment. Paypal accounts are free and will allow you to use credit cards or withdraw money from a bank account. You can go here for more information:   My Paypal address is

I will also accept money orders or personal checks but I request that they be sent with some form of delivery conformation for safety.  Personal checks must clear before I begin the building process.

Remaining Payment for amps with a 50% deposit or amp repairs are due within 30 days of completion. 

Under no circumstances will a refund be given after an amp is purchased and in the building process. Estimated wait times are estimates only and can be extended during peak periods for me or my suppliers.  I strive to make the highest quality amps so I do not rush the work!


I ship my amps via FedEx Ground and all amps require a signature. All amps are insured and tracking information will be forwarded. Shipping quotes on pricing lists are for the Continental US only please contact me for a quote if you are outside of that area. Larger and heavier amps are shipped with drop indicators to insure safe arrival. Occasionally certain rural areas or urban centers will have higher shipping charges so a shipping cost adjustment will be necessary.

Smaller items like pedals will be shipped via USPS.


Deposits for 50% of the total can be made to begin custom amp builds. The balance is due within 30 days of completion. Deposits made on amp builds are not refundable.


Returns and Shipping Damage Policy


Carl's Custom Amps does not accept returns on amps.  All amps are fully tested prior to shipping, packed well and are fully insured through FedEx. International shipments are made with USPS.  Shipping damage or defects  must be reported within 7 days and all original packaging must be retained for insurance purposes. Sending unit back must also occur within 7 days of the reported damage/defect.  The amp will be repaired  and sent back to you and we will make claim with FedEx.  If damage or defects are reported outside of that period it will fall under a warranty repair. 

In event of certain types of damage (severe or complete loss)FedEx will then pick up and inspect the amp and then return it to me. When I receive it the amp back I will issue a full refund regardless of FedEx's determination on the claim. This process takes about a week. If a buyer refuses to allow FedEx to pickup the amp for the claim or does not do so within 7 days (after return has begun) the buyer will pay return shipping will be charged a 25% restocking fee on a returned amp plus repair costs on a severely damaged amp.  No exceptions.

 Tiny cosmetic imperfections as not considered damage or grounds for a return.  A determination on whether a return is allowed based on cosmetic flaw  is completely up to Carl's Custom Amps discretion. Sometime a tiny scratch or blemish will occur during the building process--- this is normal. Lacquered finishes are hand applied so some variation in color and looks is normal and not considered a flaw.

All amps are checked for rattling or other vibration problems before shipment. Rarely shipping will loosen something and the user will need to check hardware for loosening. Tightening will solve the issue. This is not grounds for a return. The customer can elect to send the amp back for assessment but if the rattle is determined not be a defect it will be considered a warranty repair and repaired and returned to the customer. If determined to be a defect we will cover shipping.

This only applies to domestic shipments.  In the case of international shipments the buyer is responsible for any claims process with a carrier and the have the amp repaired locally.  We will work with you get the amp working and get your repair paid for by the carrier. 

Warranty Information

All complete amps come with a  1 year warranty against defects on all parts except for tubes. Tubes are warrantied for 30 days.  The owner is responsible for paying shipping costs for repair work. The warranty does not cover: wear, misuse, abuse, water damage, modifications (including use of tube types not specified for the amp), or acts of God. Work done on amps by the owner or other companies (other than tube biasing) that cause damage are not covered by the warranty and will void your warranty.  Tube failure and accompanying damage is not covered.

Working Chassis are not sold with warranties because I cannot guarantee the competence of the final assembly. I will however repair them at reduced rates. 

Please be courteous when sending an amp in for warranty work.  I go to great lengths to help my customers but I refuse to be subjected to abusive behavior and encourage others to do the same.  An amp that is not working is just that---it's in my best interest for your amp to work too.  It's not personal; it's electronics.

Warning and User Agreement

Tube amps contain high voltages even after being unplugged. Do not open the amp and never touch the inside. Refer servicing to a qualified tech.  Do not use in wet conditions. Always store the amp in a temperature controlled dry environment. Hot tubes  can cause severe burns. Never handle hot tubes.

By purchasing an amp you are assuming all liability for loss, injury or death stemming from its use. 

Status  Policy

Due to the high number of amps and orders I normally only contact a buyer at the sale when the amp is shipped or if delays past the expected ship date occur.  I will answer emails requesting status updates but be aware that status does not change on day to day basis. Amps are built in the order in which orders are made and parts are received. Please be courteous and respectful of my time. Daily status updates will not be possible. 


Order Changes:

Sometimes a customer will change their mind on a feature or ask for additional features after ordering. In many cases these changes may not be possible since since parts have been ordered. In some cases changes can be made. I am happy answer inquiries about order changes but reserve the option of not making changes.  Changes will delay the shipment of your amplifier.  


Parts and Parts Substitutions:

Occasionally a part will not be available, a price will change and another high quality part will become cheaper. Carl's Custom Amp reserves to right to substitute an part with a part of equivalent quality.  We always use high quality parts.  For example a Heyboer USA transformer may be substituted for a Classic Tone USA  or a Malory 150 cap for an Orange Drop cap.

Working Chassis

Working chassis are built into chassis that are similar in size to many vintage models. However Carl's Custom Amps cannot guarantee that the mountings with line up with vintage models. Dimensional drawings will be provided upon request .  Only order a working chassis that you know will fit you cab or that you have the tools, time and expertise to build a cab or modify the mounts on an existing cab. I am happy to provide measurements.   Building your own cab can be highly rewarding and fun; just make sure you are up to it.  No returns can be made on the basis of a chassis not fitting a cab. If you unsure order a complete amp to be safe!