Octal Princeton 1X12 Combo

Octal Princeton 1X12 Combo

Check out the Monte Carload’s Latest Album that features the Octal Princeton here: https://montecarload.bandcamp.com/album/monte-carload

Here’s one the tracks:

Octal Princeton Combos
Octal Princeton Head
Octal Princeton Working Chassis


The Octal Princeton is my modified version of the early Tweed Princeton. It has some important tweaks of my own and is one of my signature models. It can run either a 6V6 for 5 watts or a 6L6GC, 5881, 6L6WGB, EL-34, KT77, or 6CA7 for 10 watts!! Cool!!! Ships with 6LGC and 6V6. 

It features an octal 6SL7 pre-amp tube that gives it a wide frequency response, chimey cleans and great overdrive.  It is a bit brighter and more detailed sounding than many tweed amps and works well with single coils, P90 and humbucker loaded guitars. The Octal Princeton is a very dynamic amp and responds beautifully to your touch.  I developed this amp specifically for my own use and it’s my favorite small tweed amp!


Each one is carefully and meticulously built and tested. 90 Day warranty on tubes and 1 year on everything else.  Working chassis do not carry a warranty.


  • 5/10 Watts All Tube Power

  • Meticulously Hand wired

  • Improved grounding system minimizes hum

  • DC elevated heaters for low noise

  • ON/OFF Switch

  • Volume and Tone Controls

  • Hi and Low inputs

  • Available as a 12 inch Speaker Combo, 8 inch speaker Combo, Cage Head and Working Chassis

  • Combos are made of Solid Finger Joined Pine with Lacquered Tweed

  • 8 ohm Speaker out on Combo, 4, 8 and 16 ohm out on Heads

  • Stainless Steel Chassis on combo, Aluminum on heads

 Part's List:

Steel combo chassis fits all Tweed Princeton style cabs, aluminum chassis for heads,  Classic Tone USA Power and Output transformer,  Malory 150 Tone Caps, Alpha Pots, Carling Switch, Nichicon and Pansonic Long Life filter caps,  Neutrik Jacks and Swiftcraft Jacks, Special Resistor Selection for low noise, High End Tube Sockets, 12FT Cord, Finger Joined Pine for combo and head material, Weber 12F150T 12" or Weber Alinco Sig 8 speaker for combos. 

1X8 Combo in Custom Colors

1X8 Combo in Custom Colors



The Low Down


The Octal Princeton works well for recording and practice but is not loud enough for live performance without being mic'ed.  It works best for blues, country and rock and roll playing. It's takes pedals incredibly well so a wide variety of sounds can be had.  


Cage Head

Cage Head




Octal Princeton top

Octal Princeton top

What People are Saying about the Octal Princeton:

“Arrived, up and growling. You’re a genius. Love the wattage control. It’s very 50’s fashion forward. What were they thinking back then? I just love it. Please add me to your list of endorsers. “

Guitar Vegan

Note: This customers was special order with Power Scaling added.

“HI Carl,

Just a response to your Octal amp head you did.  Maravilloso!  Its really lovely.  I have it on the low power tubes and it is still way loud enough for anything.  Love it. “


"Thank you Carl for an amazing amp..everything I wanted and then some!"





Thank you so much for the quick completion of the amp. I think the olive cage turned out beautifully. The tone of the amp is great. I’ve never played one quite like it. It sounds thick and very clear all at the same time. When I turn the tone to a more trebley setting, it manages to brighten without ever sounding harsh. Very impressed with that. The power scaling is also a huge benefit. Thanks for the suggestion.  I’m still getting the hang of how the power, limit, and volume controls all interact, and I’m looking forward to recording with it. Once I do, I’ll email you the links once I upload some new songs on my bandcamp page: "


Note:  This gentleman ordered the cage head that I added power control to and painted the cage green by request. 


"Hello Carl, now that I've been using you amplifier for over a month  - I play blues on a Gibson ES345 - I want to tell you that your Octal Princeton amp
provides the tone - the range of tones - I need. Its the only amp I need and I'm very happy. Thank you. "



Paris KY



"After spending only half a day with the amp, I can already say that  it's nothing short of pure magic!

Till next time!"





"The purchase of my Octal Princeton Tweed from an unknown (to me) amp builder was a somewhat risky endeavor, but what the hell sometimes you gotta roll the dice. And let me tell you, I'm glad I did.

I'm writing this review after I've had about a month or so of time playing various guitars, Strat, SG, Les Paul, ES 175, Tele, Esquire.....

Carl is a total pro. He prides himself on details, details, details. After a few weeks of deciding what my needs were, I had to make the decision. Lets get it ordered.

During the build, Carl kept me updated on progress. This part, that part, cabinet done, speaker in. And the nice thing he usually answers the phone, or calls back same day.

Low and behold exactly 5 weeks later, (agreed on turnaround) I got the email, my amp was being shipped. THE WAIT WAS OVER...

The amp arrived professionally packed, actually over kill, which is a good thing these days with FedX, most drivers don't play.. I went with a 5/10W option, stand by switch and a 12'' Weber speaker. The sweet spot was easy to get to.

From a clean, chimey, rice sound, to a dirty nasty overdriven sound with affects and everything in between, this amp is very versatile. It breaks up very well, is  small enough for studio practice, recording,  and with the 10W option also small gigs.  It handles my effects well and is shhhhhhhh, so quiet.

Lastly the looks are killer, the Tweed, cabinet controls, knobs, inputs, handle.... All quality. I will have a nice long relationship with Carl. He know amps, electronics, pick ups and is great to run questions and opinions by. Like I said, "he always answers the phone or calls back same day".

Next up.... Twin Reverb, Blackface clone."





"I really like my Octal Princeton amp that you built for me. The sound to me is rich with tone and complex harmonics. It is also a beautiful looking amp.


I appreciate the attention to detail and component quality. I only wish that I knew about you years ago. Your patience will all of my questions was very much appreciated.

This will not be the last amp that I purchase from you."

Thank you,




"The amp sounds great. Very happy with tone and quality of construction."

"Great Tweed-style Amp. Good communications. Very pleased with purchase !!!!!!!!"

"Outstanding seller! Very highly recommended.Great Communication"

"Carl, I received the amplifier .... I connected the amp to a Fender speaker housed in a blond tolex champ cabinet. I left the back off the cabinet and plugged everything in. I plugged my Fender Stratocaster '62 into and turned everything on and away I went!!! I dimed everything on the guitar and slowly played something at every volume level from low through high. Man the chimes, the ringing, the sustain, the slight breakup at the higher volumes, I was in tone heaven! Thank You for a great product..."

"Carl, This amp has completely blown me away. You are very talented and I'm sure when my friends hear this I'll be sending some business your way. Thanks, Don"

"Hi Carl, the amp is perfect. Just letting yo know. I'm using a '59 Jensen P12N. I hope others realize how good these are."


"Carl combined my vintage-tone-amp wish list into a big-sounding, super-versatile, and easy-to-carry combo. I had used octal-preamp amps for many years, mostly in vintage, professionally rebuilt PA heads. But I had long wished for that sound in a gigging combo (and four less carries per gig). I wanted a simple amp that could do justice to country, rock, and jazz. This included quick response, decent headroom, and smooth breakup—sort of tweed meets black face. I wanted a big clean tone that would love pedals.

I contacted Carl, he called me, and we discussed the circuit and component options for my “amp for all reasons.” He built what is basically a 5C2 tweed Princeton with a 6L6 output section. Simple: three great tubes (all of which can be switched with variants for more or less output, sag, or gain); two controls (volume and tone); and one 12-inch speaker of your choice. It will even run a 6V6 for early breakup and more tweed tone, a solid-state rectifier for more punch and headroom, and a 6SN7 preamp tube for ultra-clean lower gain.

This amp is closer to my “dream amp” than I thought was possible. It is obviously a gamble, having an amp built without knowing exactly how it will sound in a mix on stage. But I am glad I bet on Carl; this simple amp can go from bright and spanky to smooth and churchy. I call it “Route 6L6” because, for my music, it was both the end and the beginning of a journey. Best wishes, Keith"


Custom Cosmetics 1x12 Combo

Custom Cosmetics 1x12 Combo