Most amps and other items can now be purchased on their respective pages but I do list the amps ready for shipment here.   Some unique amps are listed on this page as well.  Below is a list of products in stock as of 1/28/2019.  Please see their pages for more details: 


Singularity Reverb 22W 1X12 Combo ON SALE Normally $1,750

The Singularity Reverb series amps are out take on the 60’s Fender Blackface Amps. They are rich sounding with improved reverb, low noise, and have incredible touch sensitivity reflecting many years of restoration and tweaks done to original Blackface Amps. See the Singularity Reverb Page for more details. This one comes with an Eminence Lil’ Texas speaker. This one has some very slight wear from being played in the shop.

Singularity Reverb IN STOCK Combo

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48’ Drive Pedal

A great dirty boost pedal. Excellent for thickening tone and driving a tube amp. See it’s page for more details. 

48' Drive Pedal

E-BOOST Clean Boost Pedal IN STOCK!

Awesome tube-like clean boost. Point to point handwired. See it’s page for more details.

E-Boost Pedal