Classic 5E3 Deluxe Front

Classic 5E3 Deluxe Front

NOS Tubes Sets are available for this amp  upon request! 


The 5E3 Tweed Deluxe is one of the most revered small tube amps of all time. At 15 watts it’s a great club amp. It has been played by greats like Billy Gibbons, Neil Young, Don Felder, Eric Clapton and countless others. It is a truly classic design. The amp yields harmonically complex bell-like clean tones at low volumes and milkshake thick overdrive as you turn it up. There’s a good reason it so popular!!


Each one is carefully and meticulously built and tested. 90 Day warranty on tubes and 2 years on everything else.   Working chassis do not carry a warranty.

The Low Down

The Classic Tweed Deluxe is great for smaller gigs and recording.  It does not have a lot of clean headroom but what is there is devine and the overdrive sounds are rich a dynamic.  It will need to be miced or used with an extension cab for larger shows. I offer a couple of mods that will increase volume and headroom for those interested.


  • 15 Watts All Tube Power (Two 6V6's, One 12AX7, One 12AY7, One 5Y3)
  • Cathode bias no need to be baised to change tubes
  • Meticulously Hand wired
  • Improved grounding system minimizes hum
  • Bright and Normal Channels
  • Interactive Normal Channel Volume, Bright Channel Volume and Shared Tone Control
  • Hi and Low inputs for both Channels
  • 8 ohm Extension Speaker out
  • OFF/ON and Standby/Play Switches
  • Available as a  12 inch Speaker Combo and Working Chassis
  • Combos and heads are made of Solid Finger Joined Pine with Lacquered Tweed.
Classic Tweed 15T Working Chassis
Classic Tweed CPC-15T Head
Classic Tweed Deluxe 15T Combo

Extension Cabs:

2X12 CPC-15T Tweed Cab
1X12 CPC-15T Tweed Cab



Weber Vintage Series 12 inch Alnico speaker (on combos), Classic Tone USA transformers, JJ's tubes, Alpha Pots, Carling Switches, Switchcraft and  Neutrik Jacks and plugs, Mallory 150 tone caps, F&T filter caps, Special resistor selection for the best tone and least noise, finger joined pine cab on combos.





CPC-15T With Clean Boost


What People are Saying About the Classic Tweed Deluxe: 

Hi Carl,
 First of all, thanks for always being available to answer any questions I have and explaining things so well.. that really means a lot.
 The amp is truly a pleasure to play through.. I expected good and got great! Very happy..
My guitars have never sounded better..
 Sounds great and looks great!!
     Thanks again, Tom

Hi Carl,


I wanted to send a quick note and let you know the amp arrive yesterday.  Great little amp!  I got it tubed up and it sounds fantastic.  The build quality, fit and finish are all excellent.  Looking forward to getting the speaker broken in a little and getting everything settled in.  I really appreciate working with honest people that do great work!  Thanks!


All guitarists eventually succumb to the never ending quest for the ultimate amp that will resonate the ultimate tone.  It's a quest that can be expensive and disappointing along the way -- buying and selling amps that just don't make the cut.  And what is that holy grail of tone . . . bass without the flub, chiming cleans that sustain to the next strum or balanced articulation between each plucked string?  Is it an amp that can also delivery beautiful fidelity and roar deeply with every overdrive pedal . . . or an amp that doesn't go brittle in the highs or muddy in the lows?

Well . . . the internet is full of testimony from countless gear heads who have tried every amp, speaker, pedal, etc. and have validated their opinions. But the opinions never reach 100% consensus leaving a margin of error and reason to keep buying the next amp. Eventually, one goes off the beaten commercial path and seeks out the small craftsman who hand wire with the best parts.  Their price reflects the missing marketing and distribution costs that bloat most of the big name boutique makers. There are a few out there and Carl is one of them . . . offering the biggest bang for the buck.

After circling the wagons at NAMM, for the last eight years, and cycling thru Marshalls, Fenders, Bogners, Riveras, Bad Cats, Carrs, etc, etc. . . . I gave this unknown amp maker from New Mexico, a few bucks and a shot at hand wiring one more chance at putting the quest to rest. Bingo . . . when the classic tweed deluxe arrived, I was stunned at the quality and tone for the price.  Though I wish I simply bought this amp from day one, I probably would not have appreciation the richness of tone after trying some many of the other renown amps.  This is a great amp and the only amp I need! Add a mic and drive it thru the high end Meyers PA systems, and nobody will believe the big sound came from this little 12" combo.

Oliver Caldwell CA

"Sweet amp, good communication, very pleased with my purchase!"

"Special order mods handled well. What a deal!!!"

"Wow ... a great little amp. Well put together and quality made. A+++"

"This is the best sounding damn amp i own.a joy to play"

"Carl's tweed is A+. It is responsive - an instrument"

"...I am really impressed with the Amp. I have a 66 blackface bassman, a couple vintage Ampegs, and a DR Z. Your amp seems of equal quality any of the above."