Octal Deluxe 1X12 Combo Amp

Octal Deluxe 1X12 Combo Amp

Please excuse the rough playing. These clips are just to give an idea of the sound.  

Octal Deluxe Combo
Octal Deluxe Tweed Head
Octal Deluxe Working Chassis
Tube Set



The Octal Tweed Deluxe is true to the early 5B3 Tweed Deluxe circuit that used octal pre-amp tubes. While not as well known as the later 5E3 Deluxe. The Octal Deluxe is an awesome amp.  The octal pre-amp is grid-leak biased and it uses a paraphase phase inverter which imparts incredibly fat and responsive overdrive.  The cleans are especially rich. Thick swampy and rich are the adjectives that come to mind! This amp works especially well with both single coils PAF type humbuckers.

Each one is carefully and meticulously built and tested. 90 Day warranty on tubes and 2 years on everything else.   Working chassis do not carry a warranty.


  • 15 Watts All Tube Power (Two 6V6's, Two 6SL7's, and One GZ-34)

  • Meticulously Hand wired

  • Improved grounding system minimizes hum

  • Bright and Normal Channels

  • Normal Channel Volume, Bright Channel Volume and Shared Tone Control

  • Hi and Low inputs for both Channels

  • 8 ohm and Extension Speaker out

  • Available as a 12 inch Speaker Combo and Working Chassis

  • Combos are made of Solid Finger Joined Pine with Lacquered Tweed


The Low Down

The Octal Deluxe is great for smaller gigs and recording. It really shines for blues, country, rockabilly, and rock and roll.  It does not have a lot of clean headroom so it is largely used for over driven sounds.  It will need to be miced or used with an extension cab for larger shows. 

Inside the Octal Deluxe

Inside the Octal Deluxe

Rear of Octal Deluxe 1X12 Combo

Rear of Octal Deluxe 1X12 Combo


  • Classic Tone USA Output Transformer

  • Classic Tone USA or Marvel Electric (Classic Tone sister company) Power Transformer

  • Alpha Pots

  • Carling Switches

  • Neutrik or Switchcraft Jacks

  • Mallory 150 tone caps,

  • Special resistor selection for the best tone and least noise

  • Weber 12A125-O Alnico Speaker

  • High End Tube Sockets

  • JJ's 6V6's, Sovtek 6SL7's or NOS Russian Military 6SL7s, JJ's GZ-34

  • Stainless Steel Chassis

  • Hand wired


What People are saying about the Octal Deluxe:

"Just got the amp today and I have to say it's easily the best amp I've ever played. I've had vox ac15s, Marshall jtm 45s, and various other vintage tube amps and this just blows them all out of the water both in terms of sound and construction. When I plugged this one in, it just felt right. It was even better than the 1950 tweed deluxe I played in a local music shop. I didn't have to adjust anything!

I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing amp