Custom Amp and Cab Builds

I build lots of custom amps. Since players tastes and needs are so different sometime a player will elect to have custom amp made rather than get stock model. I try my best to collaborate with my customers to get them the best amp possible.

There are endless possibilities! As my amp line has expanded many common build requests are covered by what I currently offer. Sometimes an adaption or slightly modded version is necessary. For other players a entirely custom amp may be what is needed. Either way we can get you a great amp! We also build custom cabinets in few styles.  Any type of tolex or grill cloth can be had and I also do hand finished pine or oak cabs. They can be loaded with your choice of speakers.  

Email me via the contact page to get the ball rolling on your custom build. Also check out the custom build gallery to see some of my custom work.


Please note the custom build tend to take longer and cost more. There a lot of thought, research, and tweaking necessary to make something custom. As I have gotten busier and busier I am more selective about the custom builds I take on.


A note on custom builds:

For custom builds I use the same sound engineering practices, parts, and methods I do for my other amps. I will do not repeat layout mistakes so that the inside of the amp looks exactly like an old amp or build a replica. By request I may use something special like NOS tubes or custom cosmetics on the faceplate. I'm always willing to discuss but please do not contact me if wish to engineer your own amp, select every part, or micro-manage my work. Let my expertise work for you. It will reward you with a great amp!

I know that last sentence seems silly but I've had folks insist that control layout run right to left, that all hardware be gold plated, that all the caps be brown in color, that I paint transformers etc. I've even had folks hand me schematics they made that cannot possible work. I simply do not do that. Amp building is a practical endeavor.

 Common Builds:

I can  build most common vintage models Fender Tweed, Blackface, and Brown/Blonde Amps, Marshall, Orange, Hiwatt, Supro, Valco, Ampeg, Trainwreck and many others. In many cases amps I currently build already represent high quality versions of these.  All are built to the highest quality with an understanding of how the original worked and sounded.  Contact me for more information! See the gallery for some pictures of custom builds I've done. 


Trainwreck Liver Pool Style amp. Twang and insane amounts of crunch all by adjusting the volume on the guitar.!

Trainwreck Liver Pool Style amp. Twang and insane amounts of crunch all by adjusting the volume on the guitar.!