Fender 57’ Champ

Fender 57’ Champ


Mods for the Fender 57’ Tweed Champ Re-issue

Carl's Custom Amps is now offering mods for Fender's 57' Tweed Champ Re-issue that bring closer to quality and tone of an original 5F1 and our renowned Classic Tweed Champ. The Fender re-issue sounds thin out of the box and missing the growl, punch and grit one expects from a Tweed Champ. It sounds nothing like the real thing. To top it off it has a considerable amount of hum that is annoying to play and record with. A modern amp should never be noisy! With 70 years of hindsight to build upon all new amps should have as little floor noise as possible and sound great!

When you amp is sent in we change the tubes to 12AX7 pre-amp tube like the original and GZ-34 rectifier tube to compensate for lower voltages than stock in the unit. we also remove the steering diodes that have been added to the amp. We convert the random grounding system to an organized system and add a hum filter making the amp nice and quiet at idle. We can change the speaker over to the Weber CV8A which has smoother breakup and is very very similar to the Oxford EV speaker found in most late 50's Tweed Champs.

The result an amp that growls, has great touch sensitivity and has low floor noise. Send your 57' Champ in today and upgrade your tone. We also offer NOS tube sets, a clean mod for those looking for cleaner Tweed Champ and a Harp mod for those using the amp with harmonica.

Mods start at $235. Use the contact form to set up sending your in.

Customer Comments:


Picked up my amp today, wow what a difference!!!

Thanks for taking care of everything!!

-Chris A.

“Thanks so much for doing the work on my Fender Champ. It is now a completely different amp and I love it. I wish I had been smart enough to buy your version originally. "

-John O.

“Carl just completed a modification to my Fender ‘57 Custom Champ. He took the buzz out and gave it a much (hmm, what do I call it?) throatier sound for harp playing. It really sounds great!
Thanks Carl..!”

Pat D.