Mods for Vox Handwired AC-30 and AC-15 Amps


Vox Handwired AC15 and AC30 models are affordable handwired amps and have good speakers. However compared to vintage Vox amps the sound stiff, harsh, not as lively. While there are differences in parts the main issue is a number of circuit changes the newer Handwired amps have in. In addition they did not solve the issues the orginal amp's issues with short tube life. Fortunately some simple mods can many your handwired AC15 or AC30 sound and feel authentic and solve many of the tube service issues they have!

What Needs to be Done:

1. Re-issues have a different way of wiring the inputs than a standard Vox. This was done to prevent noise problems but make the amp sterile and harsh sounding. We change this while also address noise issues with smarter wiring.

2. Odd-Ball Power section changes. The reissue makes some changes to the filter section of the amp. The idea was to prevent hum but it's in the wrong spot! The result is loss of liveliness. We change the filter arrangement to something more conventional and use long life caps to ensure consistent performance for many years to come.

3. We need to address the tube life issue. The amp needs some real screen resistors! It will prevent power tube blow outs and makes new production tube last longer. The side benefit is better clarity with the amp cranked up.

Optional Changes:

1. Tube Upgrades: These amp come with Ruby branded 12AX7s and El-84s. These are Chinese made tubes. We can upgrade to JJ's or get an awesome NOS tube set for the amp.

2. Speaker Changes The re-issues come with Celestion Greenback Speaker. These are excellent speakers but little different that what is found in vintage Voxes. For the discerning player we can change them for Weber's Alinco Blue Dog speaker which are dead on to 60's Vox specs.


Mods start at $250 . Send me and email and tell about what model you have and what option you wants and I’ll work up price for you.

I recommend that you ship on the chassis and tubes to use to save on shipping cost. Current turnaround time is about 5 weeks.