The Tweed Recording Pro

10W to 1/10W of Perfect 50's Tweed Tone

Tweed Recording Pro Combo
Tweed Recording Pro Heads
Tweed Recording Pro Extension Cabs for Heads



The Tweed Recording Pro is the newest  Tweed amp model for Carl's Custom Amps and it is as classic sounding as it is innovative.  Countless recordings have been made with Tweed amps and they simply sound wonderful.  Gritty warm and lively are all good adjectives for the sound.   However  even the smaller Tweed amps can be too loud for a small room or long tracking sessions. The Tweed Recording Pro solve this issue because it has variable wattage from 10W down to a whisper quiet 1/10W so you can have cranked Tweed tones at any volume.  This all done very transparently with no change in tone.   The Tweed Recording Pro to has ultra-low floor noise and has practically no hum or hiss making perfect for critical recording or pedal use.  Adding to the tonal variety the amp can use any 6L6 type tube,  a 5881s, or 6V6 as power tube so you can tailor the tone.  The amp comes with  12" that  speaker gives you wide dynamics, powerful overdrive, plenty of cleans and great fullness to the sound.  It's simply amazing!  


The Low Down

The Tweed Recording Pro is great for practice, smaller gigs, and recording.  It does not have a lot of clean headroom but what is there is great.  The overdrive sounds are rich and dynamic responding to your pick attack.  It will need to be miced or used with an extension cab for larger shows. 




  • 10W to 1/10/W and can use any 6L6 type tube, 6V6 (5W) or 5581.

  • dShips with one 6V6, one 6L6GC, One 12AX7 and one GZ-34 Rectifier tube.

  • Cathode biased there is no need to biased when changing tubes

  • Meticulously Hand wired

  • Improved grounding system and DC elevated heaters minimizes hum

  • Single Channel with high and low inputs, volume, tone, limit and wattage controls

  • 8 ohm 12" Speaker for big tone

  • Cab is Solid Finger Joined Pine with Lacquered Tweed



Eminence Legend 12 inch  speaker. Classic Tone USA and Hammond transformers, JJ's tubes, Alpha Pots, Carling Switches, Switchcraft and  Neutrik Jacks and plugs, Mallory 150 tone caps, Ultra long life filter caps, Special resistor selection for the best tone and least noise, finger joined pine cab on combos.