Emails are checked and replied to  twice a day. Please allow 48 hours for a response for quotes on custom amps. 


Phone Hours Monday to Fri 9:00-4:00 MST. Often I am testing amps or using loud machinery. Please leave a message and I will call back. Please no text messages.  Please use email instead.

CPC-30 2X10 Combo Amp

CPC-30 2X10 Combo Amp


1/24  Standard Version Amps will be discontinued March 1st.  

For the past 5 years Carl's Custom Amps has produced both Standard and Premium Versions of most amplifiers. In the past couple years we have only offered working chassis as Standard Versions.  At the end of February the Standard Working chassis will be discontinued. As time has gone by the majority of players are purchasing premium versions of amps so discontinuing the standard versions makes sense.  Over the next year new and improved versions of many amps will be coming out! It's an exciting new phase that I'm sure will please the most discerning players.

Best Regards 

Carl P Carrasco M.S, B.S


12/23  Price Drop!  Bogen Tweed Deluxe Conversion only $425!  Purchase on the In Stock Amps and Items Page

10/26   Carl's Custom Amps mentioned in article on King Salamander in the LA Times read it here:


10/25 Classic Tweed Champ 8 inch combo and Octal Princeton 12 inch Combo IN STOCK

9/24 New Model CPC-15T x 2  Classic Tweed Deluxe with twice the power!! Check it Out! 



 At Carl's Custom Amps I build vintage style tubes amps from the 50's, 60's and 70's.  All my amps are meticulously hand wired, expertly planned and vigorously tested to ensure each one is best it can be.    My goal is to provide players with with great sounding amps at reasonable prices.  Each amp is a work of art and ready to help player make their own art.  Your search for tone ends here!

I currently offer a number of models that I regularly build with many options.    Some models are also available as working chassis for those who wish to source their own cabinet and speakers.  Mods and customization are available for each model.

I also build lots of custom amps. So if you have a particular vintage amp model or just an idea of what you want an amp to sound like I can accommodate.

 Carl's Custom Amps performs repairs and mods on all models of tube amps.  So if you amp needs a tonal transformation or just needs expert repair Carl's Custom Amps is the place to send it.

Carl's Custom Amps is in no way affiliated with Fender, Gibson, Supro, Valco, Marshall, Hiwatt, Orange or any other company. Company names are solely used to describe circuits, history, and sound.  

Carl's Custom Amp's : Classic Tweed Deluxe

Carl's Custom Amp's : Classic Tweed Deluxe

Carl's Custom Amp's Octal Princeton Chassis

Carl's Custom Amp's Octal Princeton Chassis

1971 Fender Princeton Reverb Rebuild

1971 Fender Princeton Reverb Rebuild