As you might imagine there are some questions that frequently arise. Here are answers to many commonly asked questions.  Check out the Information Center for articles on amp designs and technical questions.

Q:  Can I buy an amp, cab or pedal and return it if don't like it?


 A: No.  Carl's Custom Amps is not a retail business so we cannot allow players to "try out" custom made items.  We are happy to answer questions and work with you to make sure you get the right gear for you though.  We've never had a customer request a return because they didn't like the sound of an amp, pedal or cab. 


Q: How Often will you update me on my amp's status?

A: Typically I will only contact the buyer when the amp ships or if there is a delay beyond the usual build time. I will however respond to occasional update requests.  Be aware though that the less time I am answering emails the more time I am either working on or working towards your amp! 

Q: I was hoping to have my amp sooner than the typical build time. Can that be done?

A: No. I build amps in the order of the date when the order was made and when parts arrive. There is always a line of amps  waiting to be done so to be fair to all my customers I do not move builds up the line. I do often have amps in stock and those ship out the next day. 

Q:I have X speaker.  Can you sell me a combo amp without a speaker?

A:No. Complete combos use speakers that are specially selected for the amp and I want your amp to sound it's best! 

Q:Do you make amps that are EU voltage ready?

A: Any of my amps can be built for EU voltages. Typically this can cost from $30-50 more.

Q: I want to pay less than the listed price and I'm sure you are charging me too much. What kind of discount can you give me?

A: I do not negotiate prices. The price is what it is. Remember I'm trying to make a living!  

Q: Will you do trades?

A: I generally do not do any trades unless you have valuable item that you want to trade at a fraction of it's value :). Seriously though you will be better off selling gear yourself. 

Q:Why do custom amps cost more than the stock models?

A: A great deal of extra labor, often custom made parts, research, and tweaking are necessary for custom amps which increases the price.

Q: Can you do a different color of tolex/grill cloth on an amp?

A: Yes I can. I have a wide  selection to choose from.  It generally costs slightly more to do a custom tolex color. Be sure to ask and I'll let you know what is possible. 

Q: Will you sell your amps without a Logo? 

A: No. Many hours go into each amp and I want other people to recognize my products.

Q: Will you use all NOS parts (other than tubes) in a custom build for me?

A: No. Many NOS part are unreliable and sound no better (often worse because of age) than high quality new parts.  I cannot warranty NOS parts so I do not use them.

Q: Can you provide NOS tubes for my amp?

A: Yes. Typically I can find NOS/Vintage tubes for my amps.  The prices vary quite a bit (temporally) so please ask for quote. While NOS tubes are well tested I cannot extent a 30 day warranty on the tubes like I do on new production tubes. 

Q: Will you picture the build process of my amp and send me photos?

A: I can photograph the process and send you thumb drive with the amp for $50.

Q: Can you add a fan to my amp?

A:  Most of my amps will not need one. If yours does I am happy to install one. 

Q: Can you add and effects loop?

A: Most of my models do not benefit from having an effects loop since they are low gain amps. I can add one in cases where it is beneficial and there is enough room.

Q: My amp is not working---can you tell me how to fix it myself?

A: I would be happy to service and repair your amp if you will send it or bring it in.  I do not provide technical support to the DIY amp builders for financial, temporal and liability reasons. 

Q: Can you add reverb to my amp?

A: Not usually. Reverb is complicated and must be integrated into the design of an amp.  A good tube reverb usually requires two more tubes, a reverb tank, and transformer.  In addition you often have to make changes to the rest of the amp to add it in thus altering the sound.  Using a reverb unit like the my Classic Tube Reverb or a reverb pedal is a better way to go with many non-reverb amps. 

Q:  Will you make a clone of current boutique amp?

A:  No.  I can build you an amp with similar features in many cases.  Most amps are derived from the classics with added features  but if you want an specific Carr, Tone King or other amp just buy one.