7 Watts of British Hi Gain!!

British Custom 7 in Steel Cage

British Custom 7 in Steel Cage


Pretty much anyone who has played a good hot rodded Marshall Plexi or JCM800 comes away with two major impressions: 1. That it sounded killer!! 2. It's really really loud! Any 100 Watt or 50 Watt British hi gain amp is too loud to play in most clubs (without an attenuator) and definitely too loud to practice in the bedroom with. It seems like many smaller amps simply do not sound much like the big guys. That is were the British Custom 7 comes in. It's 7 watts and plenty loud enough to practice, record with, and even do small gigs. It's an aggressive fire breather than captures the sound of the very best of those roaring heads but without the ear ache and with slightly smoother less grating texture to the tone.  It's more versatility and touch sensitive than most big amps. Boutique parts and point to point wiring make this the finest low wattage hi gain amp out there. An all tube FX loop is optional. 

The amp looks simple but the different settings of the tone controls in conjunction with the mid boostand the control on the guitar deliver a wide palate of tones. Every thing from Bluesy to classic Plexi to ripping distortion is there. It's a modified Marshall JCM 800 circuit that is sure to please.

British Custom 7 Heads
British Custom 7 1x12 Extension Cabs
Speaker Options

Contact us for tolex and grill cloth options. 


  • 7 Watts all tube Power

  • Uses 1 X El84 and 2 X 12AX7s

  • Power switch

  • Solid state rectifier

  • Single Input

  • Gain, Master Volume, Treble, Bass, and Middle controls

  • Unique mid boost switch allows many tonal possibilities

  • 8 Ohm Speaker Out

  • Cathode bias so there is no need to bias tubes

  • Working chassis or steel cage Head

  • Optional All Tube FX Loop with sendcontrol


  • Classic Tone USA Output Transformer, Weber or Fender Power Transformer, Grey Steel or Natural Aluminum Chassis, Switchcraft and Neutrik Jacks, Alpha pots, Malory 150 & low noise poly Tone Caps, Special Resistor selection for lowest noise and best tone, Panasonic Ultra Long Life Filter Caps JJ's Tubes 2X 12AX7 and 1 X El-84 (head only)

Head with FX Loop, open back extension cab and black cage!

Head with FX Loop, open back extension cab and black cage!

Closed -Back Extension Cab. A full 13 inches deep!

Closed -Back Extension Cab. A full 13 inches deep!


"What a little fire breather! It's a testament to your skill as an amp maker that one EL-84, two 12AX7s and a Solid State rectifier can sound so BIG at such modest volumes. If all anybody wanted was to free their inner 16 year old then the Custom British 7 delivers. With a humbucker equipped guitar you can unleash power chords just dripping with gobs of molten fury. And you can do it all without angering the neighbors! But the Custom British 7 is no one trick pony. Even though this amp doesn't do Clean tones, per se, it does do "Clean" tones. My favorite tones in this amp are at that sweet spot where you can get a rich, lush, pick sensitive "clean" tone that manages to be overdriven and yet deeply articulate at the same time. Even Cowboy chords sparkle without turning to mud. This pint sized tornado has rapidly risen through the ranks to become my "go to" amp. Congratulations on the Custom British 7! This just might be your million dollar amp idea."

---Robert Edwards CA, USA---

The British Custom 7 is working out nicely thus far, what a fantastic amp! Exactly what I wanted. Sounds killer tag teamed with the octal Princeton and my Vox AC4 handwired. In fact I'm about to put it under the mics and do some guitar overdubs. Thanks again Carl!---STEVIE WA