Emails are checked and replied to  twice a day. Please allow 48 hours for a response for quotes on custom amps. 


Phone Hours Monday to Fri 9:00-4:00 MST. Often I am testing amps or using loud machinery. Please leave a message and I will call back. Please no text messages.  Please use email instead.

 CPC-30 2X10 Combo Amp

CPC-30 2X10 Combo Amp


1/15  New Amp!! The Texas Tremolo (Tweed Vibrolux Style) 15W of Great Tweed Tone and Tremolo!

Falling between the grind of the 5E3 Tweed Deluxe and the cleaner Super and Bassman circuits this is perfect gigging amp for a play who needs lower power and portability and tweeds cleans.  



11/15  New Amp Model:  Singularity Reverb

40W or 22W of Twin Reverb Tone in a compact and light 1X12 combo. Made with high quality parts and meticulously hand-wired it perfect for a player needing exemplary 60's clean tones or a pristine pedal platform.  See it's page for more details. 


11/13  Classic Tweed Champ 8 Inch Combo IN STOCK



6/27  CPC-II Hawk IN STOCK

5/18 Note on the Passing of Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell frontman for Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog and solo artist passed away Weds night in a Detroit hotel room of an apparent suicide.  I'm sure over the coming days people  attempt to make sense of his passing. No matter the cause the loss is tragic for his family, friends and fans.  I have great sense of sadness at his passing but also am grateful for all the man shared through his music.   

Chris Cornell  was huge influence on me and I admired him greatly.   He was talented song writer and his craft seemed only sharped with the years. I looked forward to every album knowing every one would satisfy and surprise me.  His writing was soulful and introspective.  It could be both imaginative and grounded;  both political and personal.  He had so many songs that hurt just right and rocked relentlessly.  His voice is instantly recognizable and had the ability to travail the depths of human emotion and heights of human imagination.  His guitar playing was just as fascinating: open tunings, non-typical time signatures, drone notes and folk sensibilities all weaved together.  He was a prefer foil for Kim Thayil's brilliant and unusual style.  In short Chis Cornell was and is an incredible blessing to listen to.  

Rest in Peace....



1/29 The British Overdrive Series Amps are Here!

Replacing the 18 watt Lite Plexi the British Overdrive series comes in both 18 watt and 40 Watt version with the 40 version capable of tube swapping.  A host of great features make it must have for great British Plexi Tones! 

 Carl's Custom Amp's : Classic Tweed Deluxe

Carl's Custom Amp's : Classic Tweed Deluxe

  Carl's Custom Amp's Octal Princeton Chassis

Carl's Custom Amp's Octal Princeton Chassis

 1971 Fender Princeton Reverb Rebuild

1971 Fender Princeton Reverb Rebuild

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