FAQ about the Classic Tweed Champ:

Q: Does the 5/10W version sound different from the 5W version?
A:  The difference in tone is very slight.  Generally the 5/10W has a little more low end and punch due to the larger output transformer and slightly more efficient speaker. 

Q:  How close are these to the 50's Fender version?

A:  The tone is dead on.  I've had the privilege of working on many original Tweed Champs and mine are based on those experiences. The difference is that these amp are simply better built than the original amps and have less floor noise. 


Q: How does a 12" speaker affect the sound?
A: The amp is louder with a firmer bottom end.  Think of a Tweed Deluxe meets Tweed Champ sound. 


Q:  Can I get these with NOS tubes?
A: Yes! send me a message and I'll let you know about the current pricing.