Classic Tube Reverb Unit
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Based on the famous Fender Reverb Unit of the 60's the Classic Reverb Unit is the benchmark for great reverb tone. Whether you need cavernous space or subtle ambiance this unit will deliver. Mix, Dwell, and Tone controls give the play many tonal options. The foot switch allows for true bypass so there is no signal loss when the unit is off.  The sound is warm and deep as only a tube drive spring reverb can be. So throw away those lack luster pedals and get real tube reverb.   

Optionally you can add bias wiggle trem or harmonic trem (ala the Fender Blonde Twin) ! Bias wiggle gives you deep pure trem sound and Harmonic Trem has liquid swirling sound with some vibrato. 

The Classic Tube Reverb uses quality parts available and will exceed any reissue in terms of sounds and serviceability.  



  • Meticulously hand wired
  • Uses a NOS 6K6, JJ's 12AX7 and JJ's 12AT7
  • Improved grounding system minimizes hum
  • Mix, Dwell, and Tone Control
  • Foot switch allows  bypass
  • Classic  Tweed Head
  • Classic Tone USA Transformers
  • F&T, Panasonic Long Life and Sprague Atom Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Malory 150 and Orange Drop Tone Caps
  • Alpha Pots
  • Neutrik Jacks
  • MOD Reverb Tank
  • Tweed, Blonde, Brown or Blackface Cosmetics are available


 Please Allow 4-6 weeks to be built and shipped. 

Customer Comments:

"Hey Carl.  I picked up the reverb unit Monday.  Arrived in good health, looks great, sounds great.  Build quality is clearly excellent.  Thank you for your good work and prompt service on this order.  I'm still getting to know the unit, discovering settings, and getting a feel for how it reacts to the front end of my amp (currently using it with a Mesa LSC and it sounds a few other Fender-type amps (including a Tungsten Cortez, i.e. 5e3!) I'll be trying it on as well).  Some gorgeous tones...huge range with the reverb, and the tremolo sounds great too.  So pleased to find a unit with post-reverb bias vary tremolo.  And its quiet as a mouse."






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