Tweed Stage Pro 20W, 40W, and 80W Amps

Tweed Stage Pro 80W Head

Tweed Stage Pro 80W Head

Tweed Stage Pro Head
Tweed Stage Pro Speaker Cabinets
Tweed Stage Pro Speaker Cabinets


The Tweed Stage Pro Series amps are based on the late 50's Fender High Power Tweed Twin and the Bassman. These amp were simply some best amps ever made and became the models that Marshall evolved into their JTM and Plexi amps. They are loud and clear with exceptional harmonics and crunchy growling overdrive. These high powered Tweeds became favorites of countless rock, blues, and country players. Kieth Richards, Joe Bonamassa, Buddy Guy, Billy Gibbons, Merle Haggard, Rory Gallager, so many others have used these types of amp to great effect.

Unfortunately they are too loud for the most venues when cranked up! They definitely too loud for practice. That is were the Tweed Stage Pro comes in. It is fitted with London Power Scaling so the wattage is adjustable from full power down a mere 1/10w. They can be played in any any situation and still have that great turned up loud sound!

Flexible Tone: 

The amps have two channels: hot and vintage. The hot channel add just little more sizzle to the sound and the vintage channel has the sound of dead stock Tweed. Each channel has bright and fat switch allow for wide pallet of tones and textures. Adding to the versatility is our SAG control that allows you get rectifier compression/sag at any volume!

The Tweed Stage Pro Series is tube swapping capable. Any common power tube (6L6GC, 5881, El-34, 6550, KT66, 6V6, KT77, 6CA7 etc) can be used in pairs or mixed pairs. You can tailor the amp for your own signature tone! The 40W abd 20W versions use a pair of output tubes like a Bassman and the 80w Version uses a quad.

These amp are sold as heads only and can be paired with our 2x12, 4x10, or 1x12 ext. cabs.

London Power Scaling:

The Tweed Stage Pro Series features Power Scaling which solves the volume issue. Power scaling allows the player to dial in anything from full power down to 1/10W.  So these amps are capable of playing anything from a bedroom to a club to a stadium.  Many amps have  "wattage" and "power" controls that sound unnatural.  London Power Scaling is different from most of these and very transparent.  Plus in any setting below full power it extends the life of the power tubes.   


All tube,  Hot and Vintage volume controls, bright and fat switch for each channel,  treble, mids, bass, and presence, SAG, power and limit controls,  ON/OFF Switch,  hand wired for great sound and reliability with a method that shortens the signal path, super quiet grounding for low noise, special resistor selection for low noise and great tone, adjustable fixed bias with external bias pots and test points, 80 Watt model is fan cooled.

High quality parts throughout: Malory 150 and Panasonic Tone Caps, Panasonic/Nichicon Ultra Long Life Filter caps, Switchcraft or Neutrik jacks, Carling switches, aluminum chassis, 12 ft power cord JJ's Tubes. 

Ext. Cabs:

I offer a 2x12, 1x12 (for 40W version only), and 4x10 extension cab for the these amps. They are tweed style with the traditional finger joined pine construction. I offer both American Voiced cabs with 50’s style Alinco speaker and cabs with more modern British voice speakers like Joe Bonamassa and Kieth Richard’s use in their amps. The British speakers are brasher and meaner sounding while the American speakers are smoother and warmer.


What Customer are Saying about the Tweed Stage Pro:

“What an amp!  I was expecting a great high power tweed twin, but what I got was every narrow panel tweed Leo made. The only difference is the low end stays firm so no farting out. It also can play at whisper level and the sustain is still there. I greatly prefer the power scaling over any master volume type amp I’ve used or any dynamic reducing attenuator. 

It also works as a perfect pedal platform or add reverb and tremolo it becomes a surf amp. Or, get harmonically rich overdrive at any volume by jumping the channels to give a bigger push with my vintage single coils. It also takes my boosters really well which I wasn’t expecting and it takes things to a new level and hits the sounds I love best. 

My tweed needs are definitely covered with this amp!  Now I just need a couple new cabs so I can run 4x10” and/or a 2x12 with speakers that better compliment the amp than the Golds I’m using now. “

Scott K-