The Texas Tremolo 15W 

Texas Tremolo 1X12 Combos
Texas Tremolo Tweed Head

Includes Footswitch


The Texas Tremolo is Carl's take on the late 50's Fender Tweed Vibrolux.  The Texas Tremolo tones falls between the grind and responsiveness of the 5E3 Deluxe and the cleaner, clearer tweed sounds of the Tweed Super and Bassman amps.  It's 15W with fixed bias. I has wonderful tweed cleans and growling throaty overdrive once pushed. The tremolo on board is a bias wiggle trem and deep and lush.    It's bound to please any player looking for a great vintage tweed sound.
The Texas Tremolo has number of improvements over a stock 50's Tweed Vibrolux.  It's fitted with 12" speaker rather than 10" for a more band worthy performance.  A switch has been added in that allow you to get the Fat stock sound or a crisper sound for different tones.     The  a larger power transformer, adjustable bias, and improved construction ensure the amp is quiet, serviceable and amazing to play! 

Carl's Custom Amps offer the 1x12 combo with either Weber Alinco 12A125 or Eminence Legend 1258.  The Weber is authentic to the 50's sound with more compression and great breakup. The Eminence has more headroom, volume, and body and breaks up nicely too.


15 Watts All Tube Power (Two 6V6's, Two 12AX7,  One 5Y3)
Adjustable Fixed Bias
Meticulously Hand wired
Improved grounding system and DC Heater system minimizes hum
Single Channel
Volume, Tone,  Speed and Depth Controls

Foot-switchable Bias wiggle Tremolo System
Bright Switch
Hi and Low inputs
8 ohm and Extension Speaker out
Available as a  12 inch Speaker Combo and Working Chassis
Combos and heads are made of Solid Finger Joined Pine with Lacquered Tweed

Wooden hand made foot switch.



Weber Vintage Series 12 inch Alnico speaker or Eminince Legend 1258  (on combos), Classic Tone USA transformers, Alpha Pots, Carling Switches, Switchcraft and  Neutrik Jacks and plugs, Mallory 150 tone caps, F&T, Spruage Atom, Panasonic or Nichicon Long Life Electrolytic caps, Special resistor selection for the best tone and least noise, finger joined pine cabs on combos.

Texas Trem in Dark Tweed

Texas Trem in Dark Tweed


Customer Comments:

“Hi Carl,

The Texas Tremolo arrived this week and I finally got to spend some quality time with it today. 

As you probably remember, about 10 years ago or so, there were a lot of these overnight builders selling the classic 50's Fender amps again.

I purchased both a 5F1 & 5E3 deluxe from a wanna-be builder who sold me what amounted to poorly-soldered and expensive junk that stopped working after less than 2 years. I salvaged both of those amps and took a chance on buying an amp from you this time. 
I am extremely happy to say that the amp you sold me is 100% QUALITY! Extremely well finished soldering, and Beautiful J.J. Cale & Classic County tones for hours on end! I wish that I would have just bought from you in the first place nearly 10 years ago, it would have saved me a lot of head aches and wasted money.

Thanks for taking the time to build me such an awesome amp, I am extremely happy with my purchase from you.

Thank You,

Ben H”


"Hey Carl

Got the amp today. Really beautiful work.

Sounds amazing. I love the fact that you can dime it and it sounds like an old tweed with plenty of compressed edge. Hec and It's not even broken in yet.

Perfect addition to my other amps with a go to purpose. 

Really happy! I'm going to use at band practice tomorrow night."

Kevin J.