British Overdrive Series

100W British Overdrive Head

100W British Overdrive Head

British Overdrive 50 with 2x12 Cab in British White

British Overdrive 50 with 2x12 Cab in British White

You can choose your tolex and grill cloth color/style for free! 

British Overdrive Series Heads
British Overdrive Series 20W and 50W Combos
British Overdrive Series 2x12 Cabs
British Overdrive Series 2x12 Cabs



The British Custom Overdrive is based on the late 60's and early 70's Marshall Plexi amps that defined rock tones.  Pretty much every great rock band worth it's salt has had Plexi amps as part of their sound as one time.  Hendrix, Clapton,  Van Halen, AC/DC, Cream, Aerosmith, Gary Moore, Robin Tower and so many more have used Plexi amps. The only trouble is that Plexi amps are made for large stages making them difficult for most guitarists to use. The British Overdrive 20,50 and 100 amps are far more versatile in terms of volume the original amps were!  London Power Scaling allows you to dial in the sound at any volume without losing any tone.  The Multi-plex switch allows you get  all  plexi sounds you can imagine.  Now you can have all the Plexi sounds in your head without blowing out your ear drums or buying a roomful of amps.

Flexible Tone: 

  During the 60's and 70s Marshall produced many  Plexi models with very minor circuit variations that made a big difference in tone.    The British Overdrive put all those sounds in one amp!  The Multi-Plex switch allows you to switch between a 67', 69' and 71' Plexi and a 60's/70S negative feedback switch allow even more tonal combinations. You can get all the tones in your head! 

London Power’s Power Scaling:

The 60s and 70's Plexi are incredibly  loud amps and were designed for big stages.  They too loud for most players to use even in a club setting.  The British Overdrive series features Power Scaling which solves this issue. Power scaling allow the player to dial in anything from full power down to 1/10W.  So these amp are capable of playing anything from a bedroom to a stadium.  Many amps have  "wattage" and "power" controls that sound unnatural.  The British Overdrives  is different from most of these and very transparent.  Plus in any setting below full power it extends the life of the power tubes.   

Other Features:

Linked Input:  

The amp has a linked input so there no need to use a patch cable to jumper channels. This allows you to blend the sounds of normal and bright channels just like having jumped input on the amp.  


Tube Swapping:  

The 20, 50, and 100 Watt versions can use any of the following power tube types with re-baising: EL-34, KT66, KT77, 5881, 6L6WGC, 6L6GC, 6V6 (20 watts with these), or 6550s. Bias ports and externally accessed bias pots allows the user to swap tubes. 



All tube,  Bright and Normal volume controls,  treble, mids, bass, and presence, power and limit controls,  ON/OFF Switch,  hand wired for great sound and reliability with method that shortens the signal path, super quiet grounding for low noise, special resistor selection for low noise and great tone, adjustable fixed bias, solid state rectifier. 100 Watt model is fan cooled.

Malory 150 and Panasonic Tone Caps, Panasonic/Nichicon Ultra Long Life Filter caps, Switchcraft or Neutrik jacks, Carling switches, aluminum chassis, 12 ft power cord JJ's Tubes. 


Customer Comments:


I had sampled every Marshall amp out there over the past four years and just could not find the sound I was looking for. I wish I had known about you back in the beginning of my quest. Thank you for helping me decide which amp to buy and for building this amazing amp for me.”

Bill P.


I finally got to plug up the amp to a 4x12 can (2 greenbacks, 2 Eminence Lil Texas) and it is incredible. I finally got comfortable with the the limit and power controls...I can control the amp directly from the guitar and my Belle Epoch Deluxe sounds great even without an effects loop. I can get compressed "violin" tones (with a tube driver of course) or the Brown Sound and everything in between.

I find that I like the '69 sound the best ('67 is really bassy)...and I usually keep it in solid state rectifier mode.

Overall I have to say I'm glad I got this amp instead of the Marshall Origin...I just have total control! And in an amp that still feels and sounds like a vintage amp, no need for channel switching or extra gain stages. It's exactly what I had hoped for.  

Keep doing great work and I can't wait to add a Tweed Twin head to my gear!"

David G

"Carl I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you about the amp you built for me . Armed with a  SG and a Stratocaster I played the amp for about three hours . I managed to coax every tone that’s been hiding in my head for the past 25 years . It’s unbelievable . It has that tone and touch that can’t be described . I couldn’t be happier . You have made a life long customer out of me . Thanks for all the hard work you put into this and thank you for taking the time to help me get the amp I have been looking for my whole life ."

Eric S


"Carl I just received the amp and all I can say is  WOW !!!! Incredible in every way!" 



"I wanted to give a shout out to Carl Carl's Custom Amps and leave a review for both the amps he built for me.
The one on the bottom is from his British Overdrive Series, its 18w, cathode bias and I can swap in and out any octal power tube combo I want without having to have it re-biased, it was modified by Carl to have 3 different voicings, 67' 69' 71', those are based on a few legendary Marshall amp tones, it also has a Master volume and a power scaling knob which are both extremely useful for dialing in the right amount of clean headroom or gain depending on where I'm playing and how loud I need to be, it also has a switch on the back for adjusting the feel of the rectifier tube either Tube or Solid State which is very helpful for tightening up the bass depending on if I'm using single coils pickups or humbuckers, there's another 60's/70's switch on the back further enhances my option of 60's style or 70's style Marshall tones. This amp is so unbelievably versatile and I've had it for about 9 months and am still finding new ways to use it. It is so intuitive to my playing and responsive to pick attacks ,and it is a great pedal platform. I run a very simple rig and don't like to "color" my amps tone much with a bunch of effects. With a amp that sounds this amazing it would be doing myself and the amp a disservice. I love the custom cosmetics on it as well!"

Nyles---In depth comments