Most amps and other items can now be purchased on their respective pages but I do list the amps ready for shipment here.   Some unique amps are listed on this page as well.  Below is a list of products in stock as of 10/18/2017 please see their pages for more details: 




British Custom 7 IN STOCK

See it's page for more details. 

CPC-5 II Hawk 5/1Watt Head

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CPC 5 Head


E-Boost Pedal IN STOCK

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E-Boost Pedal

48 Drive Pedal  In Stock!!  

See the 48 Drive page for more details. 

48' Drive Pedal
48 Drive Pedal

48 Drive Pedal


47' Woody Head

This is one of the coolest amps I've ever built. I have fascination with the early Fender amps and have always wanted to try the the 1947 Woody Pro but they are so rare I have never had the chance. So I built one. It's simply amazing! It's compressed, smooth, and aggressive.  It's clear and complex at lower volumes and crunchy and throaty at higher volumes. It's very much like Tweed Deluxe but with more gain on tap.  It's built with vintage USA transformers, vintage USA  pre-amp tubes, and a vintage USA rectifier.  

Features: 30 Watts of Tube power,  Two Channels: Microphone and Instrument with volume for each and a shared tone control, 5U4GB, 6N7, 2x6SJ7, and 2 X JJ's 5881s, dual 8 ohm speaker outs. 

Parts: USA vintage transformers, Panasonic filter caps, malory 150 tone caps, neutrik jacks, carling switches, birch plywood cab.  

47' Woody Head



47' Woody Head

47' Woody Head