FAQ about the Classic Tweed Champ:

Q: Does the 5/10W version sound different from the 5W version?
A:  The difference in tone is slight.  Generally the 5/10W has a little more low end and punch due to the larger output transformer.  

Q:  How close are these to the 50's Fender version?

A:  The tone is very close.  I've had the privilege of working on many original Tweed Champs and mine are based on those experiences.


Q: How does a 12" speaker affect the sound?
A: The amp is louder with a firmer bottom end.  A bit of a Tweed Deluxe meets Tweed Champ sound. 


Q:  Can I get these with NOS tubes?
A: Yes! send me a message and I'll let you know about the current pricing.