The Tumblin' Dice CPC-80T Tweed Twin Style Amp 80W or 30W

Tumblin' Dice Heads
Impedance of Speaker Out
Tumblin' Dice Combo
CPC-80T Extension Cabs
Cabinet Impedance


The Tumblin' Dice (in honor of Keith Richards)  is our take on the Fender 5F8A High Powered Twin that captures the sound but with small circuit improvements that make the amp more reliable, and quiet.  Properly setup the High Power Twin is one of the greatest amps ever created.  The cleans are amazing with rich mid-range character and powerful low end. As the amp is turned up it gets thick to die for overdrive. Every note is thunderous and touch sensitive.  You don't just play this one--- you feel it.  It takes pedals like a dream! 

Carl's Custom Amps offers this amp with an 80 watt 4 X 6L6GC power section or a 30 watt 4X6V6 power section. It' can be ordered as a head or 2X12 with Weber Alinco speakers for authentic 50's Twin sounds or with Celestion Lead 80 speakers.


  • 80 Watts of all Tube Power or 30 Watts of all tube power.

  • 80 Watt Uses 4 X 6L6GC , 2 X 12AX7, and 1 X 12AY7 and GZ-34 rectifier

  • 30 Watt Uses 4X6V6s, 2X12AX7, 1X12AY7 and GZ-34

  • Adjustable fixed bias

  • Hand wired for great sound and easy servicing

  • DC elevated heaters for low hum

  • Improved Grounding for low hum

  • Two Channels: Bright and Normal with high and low inputs for each

  • Bright Volume, Normal Volume, Bass, Treble, and Presence Controls

  • 8 ohm speaker out and extension out

Parts and Pricing:

Please Allow 4-6 weeks for Working Chassis and 6-9 weeks for Complete amps. 

  • Heyboer USA Transformers

  • Alpha Pots

  • Switchcraft and Neutrik Jacks

  • High Quality Tube Sockets

  • 12 ft 16 ga Power Cord

  • Special Resistor Selection for best tone and least noise

  • Malory 150 and Panasonic Tone Caps

  • Nichicon Ultra-long life, F&T, Sprauge Atom Filter Caps

  • Sprauge Atom Bypass Caps

  • Malory 150 Tone Caps

  • Celestion Lead 80s (Kieth Richards/Joe B Style) or Weber Alinco 12A150 (Vintage Twin Style) speakers on 2X12 Combo and Extension


 Customer Comments:


The amp arrived on Saturday, December 29th and it sounds great!

NO ICE PICK TONE!!!!  Thank God.

I like very much that I can get breakup at around 5 instead of my friends Hi Powered Twin at 7 or 8.  No problem with the neighbors so far.

Again thanks for a great amp!

All the best,