CPC 5 Head

CPC-5 II The Hawk



The CPC-II Hawk is our new version of the CPC-5.  I have added a unquie 5W/1W switch that allows for transparent volume reduction and fat switch so the amp gets along well with both single coils and hummbuckers. It  works well with lots of different speakers. 

It's a great little amp for the bedroom and recording and has chimey cleans and get really crunchy fast. It nails that live Keith Richards tones with a telecaster and those early Jimmy Page tones with a Les Paul.  Think Vox meets  vintage Supro! 


  • 5W all Tube Power (12AX7 and El-84)

  • 5/1 Watt Switch allows for transparent low volume playing

  • Hand-wired for the best sound and serviceability

  • Volume and Tone Controls

  • 8 Ohm Speaker Out

  • Cage Head

  • One Input

  • Volume and Tone Controls

  • Fat Switch allows the amp get along with many pickup styles



  • JJ's Tubes

  • Solid state Rectifier

  • Alpha Pots

  • Malory 150 and Orange Drop Tone Caps

  • Panasonic Ultra-Long life Filter Caps

  • Special Resistor Selection for best tone and low noise

  • Ultra quiet grounding system

  • Weber or fender Power Transformer and Classic Tone Output Transformer

What folks are saying about the CPC-5

"I received the amp yesterday and it's simply incredible. What a throwback amp from the glory days of rock/blues tone!"  Chris Ines---Canada


"This amp is phenomenal! 5 watts is more than enough with this puppy... THANKS!" --R Morrison PA, USA  


"This is a great little amp. It'll see more than my living room: I'll definitely play this one out. I love the simplicity of it: there's nothing to get in-between the sound of your guitar and speaker. It's chimey and punchy, breaks up nicely and is throaty at full volume. Thank you for building such a quality product at such a reasonable price."  -----D. Black


Q: Is this amp a clone of a vintage model?

A: Nope! Is an original design but inspired by vintage Vox and Supro circuits. 

Q: Can I get it in regular head or a combo?

A: Yes!  Contact me for quote.