CPC 5 Head
CPC 5 Ext. Cabs
CPC 5 Ext. Cabs

Please contact me when purchasing a cabinet to specify tolex and grill cloth options. See tolex and grill cloth options page for the many possibilities.

CPC-5 III The Hawk



The CPC-III is the latest version of the Hawk. It’s fitted with London Power’s Power
Scaling so it can be adjusted from 5W down to 1/10W! You can get vintage power tube overdrive at a very low volume. The Fat switch allows the amp to adapt well to different guitar pickups.

It's a great little amp for the bedroom and recording and has chimey cleans and get really crunchy fast. It nails that live Keith Richards tones with a telecaster and those early Jimmy Page tones with a Les Paul.  Think Vox meets  vintage Supro! 


  • 5W to 1/10W all Tube Power (12AX7 and El-84)

  • Variable Power allow for power tube breakup at any volume

  • Hand-wired for the best sound and serviceability

  • Volume and Tone Controls

  • 4 and 8 Ohm Speaker Out

  • Cage Head

  • One Input

  • Volume and Tone Controls

  • Fat Switch allows the amp get along with many pickup styles



  • Solid state Rectifier

  • Alpha Pots

  • Malory 150 and Panasonic Tone Caps

  • Panasonic or Nichicon Ultra-Long life Filter Caps

  • Special Resistor Selection for best tone and low noise

  • Ultra quiet grounding system

  • Weber or Fender Power Transformer and Classic Tone Output Transformer

What folks are saying about the CPC-5

Hi Carl,

Though you might like to know I am very happy with my amp and speaker cab. It’s amazing how much that amp set up sings even on 1 watt with that detuned cab. Thanks for helping me with this set up, I may be coming back to you for another build soon...


"I received the amp yesterday and it's simply incredible. What a throwback amp from the glory days of rock/blues tone!"  Chris Ines---Canada


"This amp is phenomenal! 5 watts is more than enough with this puppy... THANKS!" --R Morrison PA, USA  


"This is a great little amp. It'll see more than my living room: I'll definitely play this one out. I love the simplicity of it: there's nothing to get in-between the sound of your guitar and speaker. It's chimey and punchy, breaks up nicely and is throaty at full volume. Thank you for building such a quality product at such a reasonable price."  -----D. Black