Classic Tweed CPC-30T:

Tweed Bandmaster/Pro/Super Amp 

Premium Working Chassis

CPC-30T Working Chassis
Speaker Out



The CPC 30 is my version of the famous Tweed Bandmaster, Super and Pro style amps. The Super, Pro and Bandmaster amp all used the same circuit but different speaker configurations (2X10, 1X15 and 3X10 respectively)  At 30 Watts it's great  mid powered amp  for blues, rockabilly, rock and roll and classic rock players.  It's loud enough to play at most clubs but easier to overdrive than the other higher powered tweeds.

The overdrive is gritty and full of character and the cleans are crisp and exceptional.  The originals were famously played by Pete Townsend, Stephen Stills and many others.

Mine is built with all the tone and care of the originals. I offer the amp as working chassis, head, and all three combo versions with Weber Alinco Speakers! No other builder makes a Tweed Super, Bandmaster, or Pro this nice with as much attention to detail. 


  • 30 Watt of all Tube Power
  • Uses 2 X 6L6GC, 2 X 12AX7, 1 X 5U4 and 1 X 12AY7
  • Adjustable fixed bias
  • Hand wired for great sound and easy servicing
  • Two Channel: Bright and Normal with high and low inputs for each
  • Bright Volume, Normal Volume, Bass, Treble, and Presence Controls
  • 8 ohm speaker out with Extension Jack
  • Improved power and grounding circuits for less hum

Parts and Pricing:

Please Allow 3-6 weeks for Working Chassis and 4-9 weeks for Complete amps. 

  • Neutrik or Switchcraft Jacks
  • High Quality Tube Sockets
  • 12 ft 16 ga Power Cord
  • Special Resistor Selection for best tone and least noise
  • Malory 150 Tone Caps
  • Classic Tone USA Transformers
  • Sprauge Atom Bypass Caps
  • F&T Filter Caps
  • Alpha Pots
  • JJ's Tubes
  • Weber Vintage Series Alnico Speakers
  • Finger Joined Pine Cabs
The  Head!!!

The  Head!!!

Buyer Comments:

"Greetings -

Received my new amp yesterday, took it out for a spin at a local jam, and I'm blown away!!!

Could NOT be happier."


"Dear Carl,

Just wanted to tell you that I finally got the chance to do a few gigs with the amp. It sounded great. I'm very pleased.

All the best