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The 5F1 Classic Tweed Champ is the king of recording and practice amps.  It's Clapton's "Layla" amp, Joe Walsh’s "Funk #49", and Keith Richards secret studio weapon on countless Stones tracks.  It can be heard on all sorts of other the classic rock and blues cuts too. It has a distinctive aggressive overdrive that is familiar from the moment you plug in. It has a low 5 watts of output so can be fully cranked with ease.

The complete amps use the very best parts out there. I have tried them all.

Each one is carefully and meticulously built and tested.  All amps carry a 90 day warranty on tubes and a two year warranty on everything else.  Working chassis do not carry a warranty.

  • 5 Watts All Tube Power (Uses one 6V6, one 12AX7 and one GZ-34 or 5Y3 Rectifer Tube)

  • Meticulously Hand-wired

  • Improved grounding system and layout minimizes hum noise

  • Single Volume Control

  • Hi and Low inputs

  • Combos are made of Solid Finger Joined Pine with Lacquered Tweed

  • 4 ohm Speaker Out on 5 watt combo version and 8 ohms on 5/10 Watt Version and 4/8 on head version

Optional 5/10 Mod Allows the use of 5881, 6L6GC, 6L6WGB or 6V6 .

8 inch Combo in Dark Tweed!

8 inch Combo in Dark Tweed!

12" Combo of the CPC-5T

12" Combo of the CPC-5T

Cage Head Version with 2x10 Ext. Cab

Cage Head Version with 2x10 Ext. Cab



Classic Tone USA Transformers , Malory 150 Tone Caps, Alpha Pot/switch Neutrik or Switchcraft Jacks, Special Resistor Selection for low noise, High End Tube Sockets,  Weber Vintage Series Alnico Speaker , combos are finger joined pine. 




What People are Saying about the Classic Tweed Champ:

Very clean work. Sounds great. Well done.

Chad M. Via Ebay

“Hello Carl. I ordered a Champ from you on fleabay. Great amp! After 24 hrs it's started to open up. Nice cabinet,clean wiring.Great speaker.. thanks for a great amp. hooked it up to an 8ohm 12"speaker and it sounds good that way as well. Thanks. “

—Steve M

“Hey Carl,

Got it today, installed the tubes & fired her up...

Plays like a perfect dream with my Les Paul and Strats.

I am loving this baby. Beautiful workmanship. Amazing sound.

Thank you so much for the great work you do.


Charley P”

“Hi Carl,

Wow - I just spent about 2 hrs with the amp/cab - whewww!!!! Exceeded expectations on tone and attack. The response is really tight and I’m guessing that’s a unique combination of the clean/breakup amp staging and the 2x10s. Now that I’ve thought about it, I can’t remember playing a 2x10 cab before think, I do have a Dan Butler, Chicago Blues Box, Buddy Guy signature (Bassman) that is 4x10, but it’s a different beast - huge/heavier to lug around (also toneful - but in a brighter/clean way.

The open cab/box is very airy too but the dark side of this amp is more complex and fun to jam on. AND I’m glad we stuck with the darker lawyer- looks awesome - She’s definitely a keeper!

Anyways, I could go on but I’ll save it for another time.

Completely stoked - thank you so much!!!”

Josh S.

Note: Josh has a cage head and 2x10 Ext. cab version.


Your custom built 5F1 Tweed Champ is my favorite guitar amplifier. It is far superior to the current mass produced Fender reissues (and at a lower cost!), and it even sounds better than my retired vintage Fender Vibro-Champ. Fit and finish is outstanding and Your attention to detail is as good as it gets.

Prospective buyers,

Anyone considering a 5w Champ should give Carl a call!"
Gary, Fort Worth, Texas

"Hello Carl- I can't say thank you enough. I love vintage Champ amps, but have always been annoyed by the noise and the less than perfect grounding. Your 5F1 addresses all the problems, and improves on the tone. My speaker cone is not even broken in yet so I know there is more good to come. Thank you again!"

David, Redondo Beach

“This amp is fantastic for what I wanted--a solid sound true to the original. I connected a Keeley oxblood pedal with overdrive on zero to give a brightening option. Amp is so quiet. Weighs significantly more than the Fenders for sale currently. Love the long heavy cord. Craftsmanship is beyond beyond. “

Al in Kansas City

"Hello Carl,
Just wanted to let you know I'm very pleased with the amp. Very full and fat sounding with the 6L6 and the alnico speaker. I used to own a Fender Bassman RI with the 4 10 inch alnicos and really this 5F1 Champ you built for me with the 6L6 and 8 inch alnico Weber reminds me of that vibe - not the same of course but very nice vintage Fender tweed sound!"

Enrico P

"Amp is glorious. Arrived very well packed. Excellent craftsmanship. Thanks, Carl!"

Dan S.

"Great communication, and shipping was quick. More importantly, the amp is solid and sounds like pure rock and roll! Thanks a ton!"

Robot Sounds

“Hi Carl,

Just put my amp together and plugged it in for it’s maiden voyage. One word—


This amp is going to the grave with me. 

Nice work.”

Mike C.


You made a Champ chassis for me a year or two ago, and I just want to let you know it has a real place in my heart. I’ve loved it from the beginning, but I happened to find an old Jensen PR8 alnico that I’d bought years ago and thought I had sold! I switched it into the pine cab and something just clicked in my soul. I am stone cold in love with the combination of your amp and that speaker. Playing it sends me to that happy place, and it’s my absolute go-to recording amp with a 57 and an SM7B. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

All the best - Randall, Atlanta

“Hi Carl,

I hope the Holidays are treating you well.  I have to tell you about my experience with your Champ.  I've had it for a few weeks now and am continually stunned by its shear dominance over the Fender Custom Champ.  I knew it was better, if not a totally different amp, as soon as I plugged it in.  I really can't describe how different it is, its one of those things you have to hear, as you know.  Its both a compliment to you and a dig on Fender currently.  Your volume knob is usable throughout its entire range.  Lots of great sounds that are defined and not muddy.  It has a dirty clean tone that I was looking for and could never get out of the Fender version, even with speaker and tube change.  I was much happier with the Fender with the speaker change you suggested , but it still wasn't enough, especially with the price tag that Fender put on it.  Yours however is worth every penny.  Yours will even take an overdrive pedal, of which the Fender could not.  It also breaks up later than the Fender, which is helpful when trying to mic the amp and still feel like I am pushing the level so I can actually hear it.  

Thanks Carl.”


"Wow! Perfect in bedroom studio, clean or cranked without pedals. Strat plugged straight in, 5 watts, an 8-inch Ted Weber speaker, and one knob is all I need to feel the blues deep in my gut. Impeccable craftsmanship to boot. My Fender Bassman may have to go in the closet until I'm good enough to gig. Thanks, Carl ..."



"Amp works great and sounds completely killer and awesome!  It screams when you crank it, and has that beautiful vintage harmonic distortion.  I love it!  You did a great job and I really appreciate your attention to quality and detail.  The punch on the low and midrange is just incredible, and no hum!  It's really amazing....your craftsmanship is of the highest order, and I am your newest fan!



                                                                                                                     Thank you very much



"Just wanted to say thanks! I finished putting together my amp I ordered from you a while back (10 watt 5f1) I built a solid pine dovetailed cabinet for it. It has a 12" vintage Jensen and RCA tubes. This amp sounds amazing, played side by side to my buddys Fender champ reissue and mine was far superior. I included some pictures. But I'm sure you see more than enough amps. 


I was curious about the plates for the front of the amp and how one might obtain a plate. I wanted to show off who built the amplifier itself because I always get asked. 

Thanks Zac



"Just a few words on Carls Tweed Champ...I have been playing professionally for going on 50 years...have used the whole spectrum of gear thru the years...have a couple of premo guitar amps but needed a small but capable 5 to 10 watt tube amp for my latest project...just happened across Carls website and called him...very very pleasant and knowledgeable fellow who I was impressed with...he built for me a Tweed Champ clone in very short order...when I cranked it up I was blown away!!..all the good stuff was there!!...set it at 9 to 10...use your guitar volume and tone a side note...I sold my Victoria the 8" speaker and amp size suits me better for my small group playing...this amp is every bit as nice as the a great price point!!...service second to none!!...he is also an accomplished amp tech for old Fender amps!!!...when your stuck out here in Tucson...this is a great find!!...Please...give him a try and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!!!...Well done Carl!!...Richard Tucson AZ"

"Got the amp today and appreciated the workmanship upon inspection..... I plugged in a Suhr telecaster that has very clear but full pickups.  I was impressed with what you built and want to thank you kindly for making my day....This little champ has a spectrum of chime and resonance that I haven't found - at lower volumes - from all my other amps including Bogner, Rivera, Carr, Marshalls, Bad Cat, etc.


It's the perfect amp for a quiet stage and mic setup.  Later, I'd like to ask you about other models like the Princeton . . . after I clear out some more gear.





"Excellent wiring......beautiful sound"

"Wow ... a great little amp. Well put together and quality made. A+++"

"Great amp chassis for my Champ project. Highly recommend."

"Killer tone, quick turnaround!"

"great little amp, super helpful, great communication, fast shipping, many thanks"

"++++ Awesome Amp !!!! Very Happy with my Purchase !!!"

"Great amplifier, thank you!"


"Kept me updated and is very honest!"