Classic Tweed 15T X 2 (Double Deluxe)

Classic Tweed 15T X 2 (Double Deluxe)

Double Deluxe 2X12 Combo
Double Deluxe Head
Speaker Out
Double Deluxe Cabs
Speaker Out


The CPC 15T X 2 is the classic 5E3 circuit on steroids! It is 30 watts with four 6V6's in a 2X12 Combo. Man does it pack a punch! The perfect club amp or amp for someone who just needs more 5E3 tone! 

The 5E3 Tweed Deluxe is one of the most revered small tube amps of all time. It has been played by greats like Billy Gibbons, Neil Young, Don Fender, Eric Clapton and countless others. It is a truly classic design. The amp yields harmonically complex bell-like clean tones at lower volumes and milkshake thick overdrive as you turn it up. There’s a good reason it so popular!!

Each one is carefully and meticulously built and tested. 90 Day warranty on tubes and 1 year on everything else.   Working chassis do not carry a warranty.


  • 30 Watts All Tube Power (Four 6V6's, One 12AX7, One 12AY7, One GZ-34)

  • Cathode bias no need to be baised to change tubes

  • Meticulously Hand wired

  • Improved grounding system

  • DC elevated filaments reduce heater hum by -30db

  • Bright and Normal Channels

  • Interactive Normal Channel Volume, Bright Channel Volume and Shared Tone Control

  • Hi and Low inputs for both Channels

  • 8 ohm Extension Speaker out

  • OFF/ON and Standby/Play Switches

  • Available as a 2x12 inch Speaker Combo and Working Chassis

  • Combos are made of Solid Finger Joined Pine with Lacquered Tweed with Weber vintage Series Alnico Speakers


Weber Vintage Series 12 inch Alnico speakers (on combos), Classic Tone or Heyboer USA transformers, JJ's tubes, Alpha Pots, Carling Switches, Switichcraft and Neutrik Jacks and plugs, Mallory 150 tone caps, F&T filter, Long Life Radial caps, Special resistor selection for the best tone and least noise, finger joined pine cab on combos.


Customer Comments:

"Carl built me one of his Tweed Double Deluxe amps, which is beyond excellent! A beautiful aged, lacquered tweed MojoTone cab, housing an immaculate hand-wired modified 5E3 chassis (with 4 6v6 tubes to double the power). Two Weber 12" Alnico speakers. He added a switchable bass mod, which, when combined with the two bridged channels (4 inputs, like a Bassman or a Marshall), provides a lot of tonal options. Tweed boutique amp've gotta love it. 
 Great communication and quick replies to my questions as well. Build time was about 6 weeks. Shipping and packing were first-rate also."