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The JTM-45/Bluesbreaker is one the most talked about and loved vintage amps. Clapton’s untouchable playing with the Bluesbreakers, Angus and Malcom Young grinding out AC/DC’s early records, Gary Moore, Joe Perry on recent tours and countless others prove why this amp really is the cream of the crop.  It’s bluesy and gusty with loads of punch and cut.  It’s basically Jim Marshall slightly modified Tweed Bassman. The JTM45 was the touchstone for every good Marshall amp that followed.

The only downside of the JTM45 was that it is a pretty darn loud amp!  That’s why I offer a 18 Watt version that uses a pair of 6V6’s in place of the KT66s. The amp is still plenty loud but won’t get you thrown out of your own gig!

My JTM45 is true to the original and captures both the sound and build quality of the JTM45. Mine is easily better than the corner cutting reissues and has a more reasonable price tag.



  • 18 or 35 Watts All Tube Power (Two 6V6s or Two KT66's, three 12AX7s, One, One GZ-34 Rectifer Tube
  • Adjustable fixed bias
  • Meticulously Hand wired with special hybrid point to point system for short signal path
  • Improved grounding system minimizes hum
  • Bright and Normal Channels
  • Controls Normal Volume,  Volume, Bass, Mids, Treble and Presence
  • Hi and Low inputs for both Channels
  • 4,8 or 16 Ohm Selectable Speaker Suts
  • OFF/ON and Standby/Play Switches
  • 10 Foot power cord

The Low Down

The CPC-45M is great for blues and rock playing and provides a tremendous low end. It pairs well with low-wattage British Speakers. Both the 22 Watt and 45 Watt models are too loud to cranked up in a small room. However the 22 and 45 watt paired with some pedals works nicely for practice levels.  The 22 Watt will serve well for small to medium sized gigs with a 2X12 cab or larger gigs with a 4X12.   The 45 Watt model is best for medium to large gigs paired with either a 4X12 or two. These amps work exceptionally well with pedals.

Pricing, Parts and Availability

Please Allow 4-6 weeks for a working chassis and 3-6 weeks for a head


  • Heyboer USA Transformers 
  • F&T, Panasonic Long Life and JJ's Filter Caps
  • Malory 150 Tone Caps
  • High Quality Tube Sockets
  • Carling Switches
  • Alpha Pots
  • Neurtik and Switchcraft Jacks
  • JJ's and Tung Sol Tubes 

Customer Comments:

"I bought Carl's 6V6-based, 18watt JTM45 amp. The amp is simply AMAZING. With my Strat I can channel Jimi and with my Les Paul this amp nails the classic rock tone. But most importantly, this amp responds to my volume knob very well. I roll back the volume and get a warm, sparkly almost Fender-esque clean. I am fortunate enough to own some great vintage amps and this JTM will become my primary go-to amp. Carl was great to work with, he's incredibly knowledgeable and has a good sense of tone. I'd highly recommend Carl's Custom Amps and this JTM45."