hannel Cat Pre-amp

hannel Cat Pre-amp


 Nothing delivers warmth to your tone like tubes.    This pre-amp pumps out a full serving of tube warmth and harmonic complexity that will make your bass or guitar or pedal steel sing.   The pre-amp is nice and clean so there are no head room issues. It has ultra wide range Treble and Bass controls  akin to those found in vintage Ampeg amps and uses a single 12AX7.  It is intended for use as a direct box, into a mixer or power amp. You can play it in front of a bass amp as long as you keep the amps gain setting low.

Each one is carefully and meticulously built and tested.  All amps carry a 90 day warranty on tubes and a two warranty on everything else.


  • All Tube Pre-amp
  • Uses one 12AX7 tube
  • Meticulously hand wired
  • Improved grounding system minimizes hum
  • Volume and wide range Bass and Treble controls
  • 1/4 inch line out
  • Available as a  Lunch Box Cage Head 
  • USA Made Power Transformer
  • Mallory 150 Tone Caps
  •  Alpha Pots
  • JJ's 12AX7
  • Switch-craft and Neutrik Jacks
  • Metal film resistors for low noise




 Allow 2-3 weeks to be built and shipped.

Channel Cat Pre-amp
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What People are Saying about the Channel Cat:

I play Pedal Steel for a living.  I'm pretty demanding about my gear.

I ordered a Channel Cat preamp from Carl, and within only a few weeks it was delivered safely to my home with no problems.  I am using it with my pedal steel guitar rig.  Octal preamp tubes are all the rage in the Steel guitar world these days.  I was attracted to Carl's Custom because of his beautiful and classic handwiring, his knowledge, and his openess and accessibility to discuss any and all aspects of the build. He always was very prompt in returning emails and phone calls.  He exhibits an obvious passion for music and his craft, and patience in conveying pertinent information to those of us who are not as technically savvy as he is.  I was further attracted by the level of custom craftsmanship and personal customer service at such a reasonable price.

So what about the Channel Cat? I got all the upgrades except for the tube (I have a small stash of NOS). It was worth the small upcharge.. I told Carl that I needed him to pay particular attention to making sure that the unit would be as low noise as possible, as I'd be recording with it.  This was critical.  Well....he delivered in spades. It is silent at idle.  The preamp has well exceeded my hopes and expectations, both in terms of being quiet, and producing the rich octal tones and tactile feel, that we desire in this type of amp. Just simple tone and volume controls provide an amazing palatte of sonic richness, and tones thattweek up at a touch, very nicely.  Both the Bass and guitar inputs work well with the pedal steel. I love  the big bottom of the bass input, yet it has very sweet highs.  Very useable for both E9 and C6 playing.  The bright channel is the same only a little brighter and is very useable..  This must be a slamming vintagesounding bass preamp. I know it to be very good for steel, and  I think guitarists and harmonica players will like it too.

Anyway, It's been a pleasure, with no drama, expectations were exceeded, and now I look forward to years of playing the Channel Cat.  And maybe anothercustom PSG combo amp build...Thanks Carl!

John Widgren
Wilton CT

"Love the preamp. Super cool. Reasonable price. Awesome!"

"i think it sounds great! looks awesome, too.  need to sit down with lots of different basses and stuff but definitely pleased...-"