British  Overdrive Series

 The British Custom Overdrive!!!

The British Custom Overdrive!!!

 The 40 Watt with Power Control

The 40 Watt with Power Control

British Overdrive 18 watt Head
British Overdrive 40 Watt Head
British Overdrive Working Chassis
British Overdrive 40 Watt Experimenter's Power Tube Set


The British Custom Overdrive is based on the late 60's and early 70's Marshall Plexi amps but comes in variety of wattage options and with features that make them more versatile and more useful to modern players.  It's got that in your face British breakup, glassy clean tones and power powerful punch! They take pedals really really well too.

I offer a number of mods that allow these amps to be very versatile in terms of volume, tube types that they can use and power so any player can get great Plexi tone.  

Special Features:

Linked Input:  The amp has a linked input so there no need to use a patch cable to jumper channels. This allows you to blend the sounds of normal and bright channels just like having jumped input on a plexi.   The non-jumpered channel sounds are there simply by turning down the unused channel.    

Post Phase Inverter Master Volume: The master volume help you control the total volume of the amp and get overdrive at lower volumes.  It can be turned all the way up where it is out of circuit and you get true non-master volume sounds. Cool!

Cathode/Self Bias: The British Overdrive Series is cathode biased so you can swap out and replace tubes without the need of tech or any adjustments.

Tube Swapping:  The 40 and 20 Watt versions can use any of the following power tube types: EL-34, KT66, KT77, 5881, 6L6WGC, 6L6GC, 6V6 (18 watts with these), or 6550s. Even better they can use any combination of the tubes. Imagine being  able to get the hardness of a 6550 and the the fuzz of El-34 just install one of each.  Lots of different tones can be had and you can find your own signature sound!


All tube amp,  Bright and Normal volume controls,PPI Master Volume,  treble, mids, bass and presence EQ, ON/STBY, OFF Switch,  hand wired for great sound and reliablilbity with method that shortens the signal path, super quiet grounding for low noise, special resistor selection for low noise and great tone, cathode biased, solid state rectifier.


Malory 150 and low noise poly prop tone caps, Panasonic Ultra Long Life Filter caps, Classic Tone USA output transformer,  Hammond power transformer, Switchcraft or Neutrik jacks, Carling switches, aluminum chassis, 12 ft power cord, Finger Joined Birch Plywood Head in black tolex ( Custom cosmetics are possible),  JJ's 12AX7s, JJ's 6V6s (18 Watt Version) , JJ's EL-34 (40 Watt version).  

Customer Comments:

 "The amp sounds great! My friend has a Marshall 18 watt combo and I think mine sounds better. Anyway thanks for getting back so quickly, and building a great product. I have acquired a few hand wired amps lately, Tube tone, Vintage Sound and a Frenzel. Yours may be the nicest, I will recommend it to my friends."

Pat Richardson



"Hi, amp arrived with no issues.I run the amp cranked and the amp sounds great. It its very dynamic and touch responsive. I have played a lot of Marshall plexi's and this is my favorite. Very surprised how well this amp nails that plexi sound being 20 watts and cathode biased. Thanks for an awesome amp.Took me long enough to order one but I am so glad I did"

Pat Archer