British Bluesmaster


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British Bluesmaster Head

British Bluesmaster Series Combo
British Bluesmaster Series 2x12 and 2x12 Cabs
Cabinet Impedance
British Bluesmaster Series 2x12 Cabs
Cabinet Impedance


Early Marshall amps were incredible—-rich, thick, bluesy and mean! There just something about a KT-66 loaded early 60’s JTM. Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Angus Young, Joe Perry and countless others have used them. However they too loud to be used by most players. They are great pedal amps but the real magic is getting the amp to sweet spot. The British Bluesmaster delivers all those early Marshall sounds but with variable power so you can crank it up! The volume can be controlled as transparently as possible from full power down 1/10W.

The channels are internally jumpered so you don’t need a patch cable. Also we’ve added a bright boost switch to the amp (not pictured) so the amp is more useful darker guitars or if you want little more bite. The SAG is completely variable so you can go from solid-state rectifier to tube rectifier to power compressor sounds!

Variable Power:

The 60s and 70's Plexi are incredibly  loud amps and were designed for big stages.  They too loud for most players to use even in a club setting.  The British Overdrive series features variable power which solves this issue.  Variable power allow the player to dial in anything from full power down to 1/10W.  So these amp are capable of playing anything form a bedroom to a stadium.  Many amps have  "wattage" and "power" controls that sound unnatural.  Our Variable Power  is different from most of these and very transparent.  Plus in any setting below full power it extends the life of the power tubes.   

Other Features:

Linked Input:  

The amp has a linked input so there no need to use a patch cable to jumper channels. This allows you to blend the sounds of normal and bright channels.

SAG Control:

One of the cool things about JTMs was the bloom of notes that comes from the use of tube rectifier. The one trouble is that the sag is set meaning you cannot get more or less and that the sag changes with volume changes. Instead of the tube we’ve added SAG control. It allows the user to adjust the sag/compression and makes the amp more reliable!


Tube Swapping:  

The 20, 45 and 100 Watt versions all come with KT66 power tubes but can use any of the following power tube types with re-baising: EL-34, KT77, 5881, 6L6WGC, 6L6GC, 6V6 or 6550s. Bias ports and externally accessed bias pots allows the user to swap tubes. 



All tube,  Bright and Normal volume controls, boost/bright switch,  treble, mids, bass, and presence, power and limit controls,  ON/STBY, OFF Switch,  hand wired for great sound and reliability with a method that shortens the signal path, super quiet grounding for low noise, special resistor selection for low noise and great tone, adjustable fixed bias, solid state rectifier.

Malory 150 and Panasonic Tone Caps, Panasonic/Nichicon Ultra Long Life Filter caps, Classic Tone USA output transformer,  Hammond power transformer, Switchcraft or Neutrik jacks, Carling switches, aluminum chassis, 12 ft power cord JJ's Tubes. 

Don’t waste your time or blow out you ear drums—get awesome tone!