Blonde CPC-20 20 Watt 1X12 combo Version. Optional Master Volume

Blonde CPC-20 20 Watt 1X12 combo Version. Optional Master Volume

Blonde Series Amps

20W, 40W, and 80W Heads, and 1X12 20W Combo

with Tremolo.

London Power Scaling and SAG Control or Master Volume Optional


In the early 60's Fender was producing it's Brownface and Blonde amps.  Among them was the Blonde Bassman which is one of the best amps Fender ever produced.  My blonde series is based on the instrument channel of the 1964 Blonde Bassman.  The Blonde Series amps have the sparkle of the later Blackface amps but have a warmer mid range and respond beautifully to boosts, overdrive and distortion.  It's the prefect crank it up amp and the perfect pedal platform.   Numerous improvements to the power section, small tweaks and layout corrections make my Blonde series exceed the originals while capturing the 60's clean and mean so many players are looking for. It's a great pedal platform. The bass and treble knobs are especially effective on these amps.  I also offer optional London Power Scaling or a bypassable master volume.


London Power Scaling with SAG Control:

London Power Scaling which solves non-master volume issue. Power scaling allows the player to dial in anything from full power down to 1/10W.  So these amps are capable of playing anything from a bedroom to a club to a stadium.  Many amps have  "wattage" and "power" controls that sound unnatural.  London Power Scaling is different from most of these and very transparent.  Plus in any setting below full power it extends the life of the power tubes.  

The SAG control allows you to get the amp to have different feels ranging from the tight solid-state rectifier sound to warm and compressed tube rectifier sounds.  


All Tube Hand wired Circuit

High and Low Inputs

Power and Standby Switches (40W and 80W) Power Switch on 20W 

8 Ohm and Extension Speaker Outs

Volume, Bass, Treble, Presence, Depth and Speed Controls 

Solid State Rectifier for Punchy low end

Bias Wiggle Trem with footswitch

6V6 power Tubes for 20 W and 5881 power tubes for 40 and 80 watt versions

Weber Vintage Series Ceramic Speakers in Combo and Extension Cabinets

20 Watt 1x12 Combo
40 Watt Combos
Blonde 20 Combos
40 Watt Heads
80 Watt Heads
Extension Cabinets
Mods for Blonde Series Amps
Blonde 20 in Tweed with the new graphics on the front!

Blonde 20 in Tweed with the new graphics on the front!



Classic Tone Transformers, Malory 150 Tone Caps, Alpha Pots,Special Resistor Selection for the lowest noise and best tone, JJ's, F&T, Panasonic, and Sprauge Atom Electrolytic Caps, Carling Switches, Neutrik and Switchcraft  jacks,  JJ's Tubes, High Quality Tube Sockets,  Finger Joined Pine Cabs , and Weber Vintage Series speakers on combo and cabs.


Blonde 40 with Trem in a 2X10 Cab and Oxblood grill cloth by request!

Blonde 40 with Trem in a 2X10 Cab and Oxblood grill cloth by request!

What Folks are Saying about the Blondes:

“Hi Carl,

I have no idea what a real early 60’s fender Blonde sounded like but I fail to understand how it can sound any better than the amp you built for me. Keep in mind this is after two days of play. I’m as giddy as a school girl thinking what it’ll sound like it 6 months when the amp is completely broken in! 

It looks great, sounds great. Awesome amp!  Thank you so much.”

Matt M

“Thanks so much, Carl. I just played for an hour, set the Master low and Volume to light breakup. Using touch and guitar volume control yields a wide range of tones without touching any other controls—just great

Thanks again for your work,”

Mark S

"I’ve finally gotten to spend a few moments with my new amp.  Couldn’t be more satisfied or impressed.  Thank you!  The cosmetics are perfect.  The sound is of course impeccable, but you already know that.  I am looking forward to using it more.  Thanks Carl!"


"The amp arrived yesterday--it's fantastic! I've been frustrated with "blackface" amps for a while--too strident, not enough guts in the midrange--and I couldn't be happier with this amp. Really nice top end, really full-sounding without being congested... It's really, really nice. I'll get to crank it at rehearsal tonight and see how it does in that environment, but so far it's exactly what I hoped for.

Thank you!"


"Hey Carl, this Yann from France, I've received the amp on Wednesday and I have to say I am totally amazed! This Blonde 20W is just wonderful. I love it so so much, this is the kind of amp that you instantly know you will keep forever. The other one that made me feel that way was a Quinn Deluxe Brown replica, and I thought it was a one time in a life feeling, I was wrong. Truly an awesome amp! "



Thanks so much for a job well done...This little thing is incredible!.....

As I continue to learn the amp's "personality", it's continuing to impress me.Eagles, check... Petty, check. Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, check!  I love this little gem!

Brian M

"very nice job!
amp is the quietest I have ever had for a tube rig at idle..!!
sweet warm sound especially through the low input..
flawless reverb.l..great, comfortable handle and not too heavy!
great tone all the way around around..cannot say enough..
now to gig with it...tomorrow maiden voyage..
thanks Carl..well worth the wait!

"Man. I just bought your CPC-20 at a guitar show. I could not be happier. What a fantastic amp! Nails that Fender clean with wonderful separation of notes and is still really hearty and can take pedals that some amps fuzz out on. I love it. Just wanted to thank you for what you do. I will so recommend your amps to my friends. Have a great day!"