48' Drive Pedal

48' Drive Pedal

48' Drive Pedal

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The 48' Booster/Overdrive is a great dirty boost pedal. It increases the volume and thickens sound and giving a distinct overdrive sound that is reminiscent of those great overdrive sound that those late 40' and early 50's amps have when cranked up.  Through a distorion channel it gives you sustain, gain and more chunk to the sound. Through a clean channel you can get a tweed type overdrive Hand wired and boutique it responds to the volume knob on the guitar giving a wide variety of sounds for a one knob pedal!  


  • Hand wired Circuit

  • 9V adapter or Battery Operated

  • LED Indicator Light

  • True Bypass

  • Level Control

  • Note: knob color and style may vary


Customer Comments:

 "....a really cool pedal,man it works MAGIC with my tube amps! Your amps look really well made and I plan on getting one of the Tweed Princeton style amps soon!

Take care and Thank you




I must have owned 50 Drive Pedals in my time.  Your '48 Boost is the most responsive of them all.  It's extremely full and warm going into my JTM45.  The sag is unbelievable.  Perfect amount of gain and volume.  Peeked inside and no board.  Love it."